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Max Flex

The New Type 27 Max Flex

Rex-Cut Type 27 Max Flex Wheels are flexible for blending and finishing flat and contoured surfaces in one step. Providing a wide surface contact area for optimum blending control and a uniform finish, these abrasive wheels can be used at a 45°angle for increased cutting and at a 30°angle for smoother finishing.

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Sigma Green Grinding Wheels - 30 Seconds on Stainless Steel

Sigma Green is a high-performance fast grinding wheel that also leaves a superior finish. The smooth and quiet grinding action makes this wheel easy on the operator.

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Smooth Touch Blending and Polishing Wheels - Demo

This video demonstrates the cushion action, flexibility, and finishing capabilities of Smooth Touch. This type 1 wheel is a new generation of Rex-Cut's non-woven cotton fiber products designed for blending and finishing in one operation.

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Rex-Cut Application Videos Demonstrate Stainless Steel Finishing

Two instructional product application videos describing stainless steel finishing kits for achieving a satin finish or highly polished finish are being introduced by Rex-Cut Abrasives.

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